About us

About Us 


Hi, and welcome to the official blogsite of Effect Wave! 


You do not know how happy we are to meet you here and offer you our service.  


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We are a professional SEO company that has been operating for almost 15 years now. That is right, 15 years in the service, and still counting. We started small in the year 2005 with just two writers who did all the research and writing for the website, one web developer who posted and did all the web-related tasks, and I, an SEO specialist who did all the management tasks. And since 2005, our company has grown, and now we have more than 20 writers, 10 web developers, and more than 50 workers and professionals who are working hand in hand to offer you just the service you, our beloved customers, deserve.  We also have business partnerships with local stores and companies such as the Round Rock painting services. 


What do we write here? We post here articles and blogs discussing different topics as we know that people have a variety of interests and in order to cater to that, we need to be as inclusive as we can.  


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