Why Opt for a Rubber Paving?

If you have a damaged or cracked patio or driveway, now is probably the best time to consider repairing or replacing your pavers Modesto. Rather than installing more concrete that’ll eventually crack naturally, why not think about having rapper paving? If interested, here are the following reasons why: 

Rubber paving promotes the diverse application 

This paving can be layered directly on top of different types of surfaces like wood, tile, paving stones, roofing membrane, concrete, brick, asphalt, and even crushed gravel and limestone. Since rubber paving can adapt to several surface types, the ways wherein you can utilize rubber paving are almost unlimited. You can have rubber-paved stairs, walkways, daycare, playground, pool deck, and driveways.  

Rubber paving looks amazing 

This type of paving is available in an extensive range of styles and colors. Select from contemporary and classic colors that copy concrete’s look or you can be creative with the bold and bright colors. Having a rubber paving can drastically enhance the aesthetics of your house as it boosts your resale value and curb appeal as well. 

Rubber paving can be a safer option 

This type of surface is recognized as safer than others since it’s a slip-resistant and non-skid material, which is comfy to drive and walk on. In fact, rubber paving is well-used by most families since it helps minimize chances of injuries to happen especially with active and busy kids that play on the driveway or patio.  Also, it has a good grip and you can land softly on it, in case you fall. 

Rubber paving is easy to maintain and clean 

Not like concrete, a rubber paving won’t need to be sealed. In fact, you can clean this paver at ease by just using a pressure washer or garden hose without stress. When dust gets into the rubber’s pores, feel free to utilize a leaf blower or a stiffer brook to let it out. Moreover, it does not retain water. Meaning, the excess water will evaporate and dry eventually.  

Rubber paving is durable 

Since rubber paving is made out of polyurethane, it is guaranteed to be durable, strong, and resistant to crack. Moreover, it’s flexible. Meaning, it can move with the contraction and expansion and withstand the thaw and freeze cycle, which comes with our dynamic climates. Apart from that, the rubber paving’s flexibility enables it to be set up on top of other materials such as damaged and cracked concrete. It won’t be damaged or faded by UV exposure and the color won’t rub off eventually.  

You do not need to have your old driveway demolished.  

You can actually have a rubber paving installed just on top of your crumbling asphalt or cracked concrete. Meaning, you do not need to haul off the old materials to the dump pay costly labor charges to demolish your driveway. Rather, allow the pros to have your driveway repaved using this advanced alternative. Most of the time, the installation of rubber paving does not cost much compared to new concrete.